A Potential Landmark

The DUPREE STUDIO on 3617 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104 is a place to see!

The picture I took  is only a small glimpse of what you can see on the site. The colors, the design, and I dare say  the “music” you can hear from just looking at this mural is so engrossing that an hour passes in a blink of an eye.

With help it could become a West Philly Landmark. Around 2014 the city try to use eminent domain to take over Dupree’s Studio. But Fortunately the legal pursue was dropped and  the artist got to keep the studio… for now.  During those times of hurdle, Dupree took action not only in court and on social media but also to the street. He created this mural master piece that extended from the walls of his studio to the surrounding grounds. This building should be claimed has a West Philly Landmark, in order to prevent other future developers, that are uninterested in the history of a community and it’s people, to create more problems.

Mural Arts are rarely art for art sake. They  often convey a message, bring communities together and  make a statement that is relevant to the local people for the city to know.

So go see this land mark! Spread the word! Make others aware of this West Philly urban visual feast!


To read more about the eminent domain dropped charges go to: http://www.phillymag.com/news/2014/12/11/james-dupree-will-get-keep-mantua-art-studio/#26AqjOywB387zhuG.99

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