Jean Jullien, The Power of Images

Jean Jullien’s illustrations are simple, but powerful. His unique, playful interpretations of the people and situations around him made him the popular French illustrator he is today.

-Jullien, Albert

His themes vary from reactions to things that happen in our everyday lives to more political current events. Jullien is also well-known for his visual commentaries, and he definitely received the spotlight for designing the “Peace for Paris” symbol, which went viral in 2015 after the terror attacks.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 9.29.40 PM.png

“Images are universal. Let me put it this way: In my opinion, the strongest images are the ones that don’t require any deep background in culture or art history to decipher. It needs to be instinctive. It needs to be something that people from different backgrounds can recognize automatically, and it’s this notion of identification more than reading. You understand before you decipher the image, and I think with words, sometimes, the barrier is higher. Images existed before words, and they do convey a sense of universality.”
-Jean Jullien, interview by Robbie Gonzalez (“Meet Jean Jullien, The Artist Behind The “Peace for Paris” Symbol”)
Check out the full article here:

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