The Power of Color in West Philadelphia

Ever since we began Project 1.3, I have been thinking about the power of color in the world. A few days ago, I was sitting on the Septa on my way back east to campus from an inner city school I teach dance at. I looked at the window, and only saw a sea of white, grey, and black structures in one of the poorest areas in the country. However, after a few minutes, I came across a massive, vibrant mural with an incredible assortment of colors and textures. Then, I saw another one. And another one. Soon, this dilapidated community became one of optimism. I can only imagine what these murals do for the community they inhabit. They are a sign of hope, of optimism. A sign of overwhelming color when so much in life can seem so dark there. Color can truly transform spaces, emotions, and people. I never truly understood the power of it until this moment.

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  1. cfari says:

    If your are interested, next semester Take Mural Arts course! its man amazing experience and it explains how art does help communities.


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