The Devine Calvin Klein

Raf Simons, in partnership with Calvin Klein, showcased his new fall collection at the 2017 New York fashion week. This ready-to-wear collection featured visually striking pieces inspired by American culture. Such references include those to brightly colored band uniforms, Wall Street suits, sheriff jackets, men’s and women’s parkas, and metal-tipped cowboy boots. Most intriguing, however, was the reference to plastic couch covers in the form of transparent plastic layering over many of the revealed outfits.

To accompany the newest collection was an art installation by artist Sterling Ruby featuring objects that “represented feelings of violence within society and art history.”


_KLE1185.jpg_KLE0045.jpg_KLE0842.jpg_KLE0289.jpg_KLE0485.jpg C4UA12uXAAUMyVW.jpgC4T_fWNWAAAcsTb.jpg

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