Polly Morgan Artist? Taxidermist? Both? Both.

Born in 1980 living in east London, Polly Morgan has spoken out to try to end public stigma about out in-vitro fertilization,  often through her art exhibitions such as  Still Birth (example on the bottom). I am a Tim Burton, Edgar Allan Poe fan type and has always been the weird kid that liked the unusual stuff, but I have to admit Polly Morgan’s art managed to unsettle me and I still find her art fascinating, beautiful and with deep significance. She explores the meaning of life and death and their cycle, through unusual coffins, or traditional ones where baby birds are breaking free form the ‘death cage.’ I highly suggest to check out her site and if you can afford it she also has a shop.

I saw that she has began to include traditional media in her art, so I was wondering what could be accomplished  with graphic art applied to her creations. Imagine a skill graphic motion code applied to a well rendered 3D reproduction of Lyric Victores (for example). That image would be pretty exceptional, don’t you think?


No animals were harmed. There were donations from vets, pet owners or simple road kills.

Below you can see other example of her works and exhibitions.


Pyric Victors


Taxidermy, wood, silicone, resin
17.8 x 32.6 x 90cm

– See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/works/pyric-victors/#sthash.qemJFPNI.dpuf


La Petite (Chick)


Taxidermy, wood, glass, paper
20.7cm x 15.2cm x 8.1cm

– See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/works/la-petite-chick/#sthash.hCqbJ1JV.dpuf


Beastly Hall

28TH MARCH 2013 – 01ST SEPTEMBER 2013 / BEXLEY HALL / BEXLEY– See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/exhibitions/beastly-hall/#sthash.cAYLfC90.dpuf






Taxidermy, glass, steel (removable stand for hanging)
218cm x 165cm x 50cm (with stand) / 154cm x 154cm x 2.5cm (without stand)



Still Birth

8TH APRIL 2010 – 9TH APRIL 2010 / OTHER CRITERIA / HINDE ST., LONDON– See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/exhibitions/still-birth/#sthash.hHYDXKg4.dpuf

Featured image:



Bakelite handset and taxidermy
23cm x 9cm x 6cm- See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/works/receiver/#sthash.xM2bw7VG.dpuf

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