Goth Photography, is that a thing?

Historically Goth style was an architectural definition. After sometime it included also literature , later on a fashion style until it developed into what now a days is called a life stlye. Although there are disagreements in the goth community on what defines a goth life style or how, what, who is goth, nobody disagrees that when you here the word ‘goth’ it invokes imagery that can be unsettling and erie.

Since summer creeped up on us so suddenly now, I decided  to go and look for Goth images in an attempt to evoke autumn, another cliche’  (goth= halloween) and here are interesting Photographers that wanted to reproduce this secular style.


halloween-fashion-13.jpg By Kyle Fireson (also the cover “Clown”)



By Coline Gascon for Dark Beauty magazine.

And my favorite:


Scary phantom-like creatures by Nick Chao

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