The Persona series revolve around story telling about a group of characters brought into an other world. The stylization of the Persona games have steadily begun to infuse into the game to the point there is no trace of the console/platform in the game. The style becomes truly the games own.   Persona 3 Persona…


In my painting class, I learned about murmuration of European Starlings. It is a very moving sight where millions of individual birds fly in a cloud of formation. It is no wonder it is used as a motif in a lot of artworks.  

Follow Gurume – Animation

Animation is a huge industry in America and Japan. Europe has small studios but they are rarely on the level of Pixar, Dreamworks nor Disney. South Korea being influenced by Japan has a culture of comics and animation but rarely make a huge production due to media restriction laws and if such work does happen,…


Illustration has been my love for a long time. It is satisfying to see when someone masters their own unique style and knows how their lines and palette of colors work. It is in a different genre from conceptual work and the high art but the three cross over in the ambiguous way art always does. Since…

Mr. Finch,

In thinking about taxidermies, what came to mind was Mr.Finch, a textile artist who creates creatures based on recognizable animals but often of a “fae” nature. He didn’t get any formal training in his art which makes his work all the more remarkable and enjoyable. He also uses recycled cloth for his works. They range…

The art of kanzashi

One of my favorite artists is a artist who makes hair ornaments called Kanzashi. Sakae is a kanzashi maker in Japan. Rather than folding clothe like the more known kanzashi method, she uses wires and solidifying plastic.

Loving Vincent, film

Loving vincent is a movie I have been hoping to watch ever since it was announced. The film has 65,000 frames of oil painting, employing 115 painters. The process can be described as stop motion of paint on canvas, as Vincent’s paintings come alive and speak about the beloved painter.

Kimura Shinji, art director

Kimura Shinji is a Japanese film director. He is known for his art style that focuses on complex cities and urban intrigue. Tekkon kinkreet is an animated movie where you can see his main art style clearly.

Flipnote anomation

In terms of animation. The most stylistic short clips that I know are made by Keke, a French animator. His main characters are pigeons and a fox.

Takashi Murakami (super flat)

Takashi Murakami works in metal leafs, sculptures and acrylic paintings. I am always reminded of vector graphics when I look at his “super flat” paintings, which had multiple people working on them to make them so big and smooth looking. He often visualized his works on the computer with designs then paints them in real…

Jabberwocky by Czech film artist Jan Svankmajer (13 min)

One thing that came to mind when asked “What interesting things did you see?” were the short films by Jan Svankmajer. Jan Svankmajer (whose name I don’t know how to pronounce yet) is a Czech artist who works with animations, especially stop motion animations labeled as surreal. His skills with setting and animation is out of…

Adobe Illustrator Cover Art

All the Adobe Suite programs have cover art that represents much of what the program is used for. I thought it’d be cool to look at recent start-up arts of the program we are using: Adobe Illlustrator The one that stood out the most for its extensive and elaborate use of vectors was the Venus Revisited…