Project 3

Project 3 – Updated 10/22
How to Save Comma Separated Value File – CSV

Over the next few weeks you should begin collecting your data set for your Wearable Data Portrait. Please record this data in a Google Drive Spreadsheet. If you have questions about your specific choice of data let me know – but be ready to talk about what data you are collecting on October 31st in class.

This can be anything from the personal, to local, national, global, or universal:
How many steps I took today
How many people did I see on their phone
How many people were wearing brown shoes
How much water did I drink today
Postage stamp cost increases
Drought rates of crops in California
Solar wind speed
Do not do: How many hours I slept

Processing Tutorial #1
Sunday October 23rd:  1:30-3:00pm and 3:00pm-4:30pm
Processing Tutorial #2
Sunday October 30th:  1:30-3:00pm and 3:00pm-4:30pm
You can attend either session on each Sunday. The first session is an introductory session to processing and will go over Processing specific material. The second session will focus on  more advanced techniques in Processing and specific material.

Processing Hour of Code – Complete by 10/31

Readings: Read these by 11/7
Artistic Data Visualization: Beyond Visual Analytics – Viégas and Wattenberg
Rushkoff – Program or Be Programmed
Form and code visualize
Form + Code – Repeat

Origami Folding Techniques
Processing Reference page – all functions explained
OpenProcessing – share Processing sketches
Learning Processing – book by Daniel Shiffman
Intro to Processing slides – Tutorial One